Willoughby Book Club

I must say, the system is very slick and looks great too. We’ve been approached so many times by other companies launching new sales platforms, but they’ve often fallen short of our expectations. However, I’ve been really impressed with uOpen, and very excited about working together to deliver our books into the hands of readers across the world.
Adam Pollard, Director - Willoughby Book Club

Blue Coffee Box

Any marketplace that will put our product in front of a hungry (or thirsty) audience is wonderful. Unlike Amazon, who are getting free market research in what to sell next, uOpen is product-agnostic. We like that and it's good for the customers.
Jon Butt, Director - Blue Coffee Box


It's one thing creating a product, but if your route-to-market isn't obvious, easy or available then there's no point in the product. uOpen is hopefully going to be key to reaching lots more customers.
Saira Foden, The-Stitchery

The Glittery Hands Craft Box

I'm excited about having my box on a bigger UK platform, and reaching an audience I haven't had the power to reach yet!
Emma Jewell, The Glittery Hands Craft Box

The Vegan Kind

uOpen is a fantastic concept. A ready-made new sales channel for us, bringing customers our way that we otherwise may never had access to. We hope to work really closely together for the rest of 2018 and see how big a success we can make of it! It's clearly going to be a big hit though!
Scott & Karris McCulloch, The Vegan Kind

Spotlight Stationery

It's exciting to finally have a marketplace like this available to us in the UK. The marketing power that uOpen has will potentially open a whole new revenue stream for us and I can't wait to see what other subscription businesses will be on there.
Mary Wright, Director - Spotlight Stationery

The Dram Team

First of all, congratulations on the launch! The website looks fantastic, and I’m really chuffed to see how amazingly well our product and brand has been written up. It far outdoes any presentation of what we do or that I've seen anywhere else (to be honest, including my own product descriptions!). Thank you.
Chris Borrow, Founder - The Dram Team
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