Are there any additional charges for marketing services?
All paid marketing activities run by Jellyfish, directing traffic to uOpen, shall be paid for by Jellyfish.
Do you see uOpen sitting alongside a brand's own acquisition marketing programmes?
The aim of our uOpen marketing activity will be to run alongside and complement your existing brand marketing. Bidding on brand enables you to take control and dominate the landscape, key reason being, that if your brand is not there, a competitor will be. Ensuring your brand dominates the landscape through your own activity and uOpen will only result in more sales.

Having run activity on and Pocketmags alongside brands, we have seen combined incremental sales growth when appearing in position 2, underneath the main brand activity.
Where do you plan to advertise?
From launch, uOpen marketing activity will be live across search, display, social, and email. The aim will be to introduce users to the uOpen offering. The key message will be a constant reminder that this is the go-to place for subscription boxes - making sure we are relevant to anyone looking to buy, for both personal and gift, discovery or convenience.
Will advertising be uOpen specific or will individual brands be marketed?
Regardless of whether the user is being targeted for an individual brand or for a category, the marketing will always be presented on behalf of uOpen as a brand.

In the future there is potential to market individual brands on the Google Display Network, however, this will be for remarketing only and where data allows i.e. if audience sizes are large enough.
How does uOpen aim to promote different brands from the same category alongside each other, for example, what order will these be placed in?
During the launch phase, any marketing will be inclusive of brands available on the site, with the aim being to promote categories to users who are undecided as to which brand to purchase. Until the user searches for a brand term, marketing will remain unbiased and provide the user with a choice.
Will subscription box companies be promoted to all and Pocketmags customers?
uOpen will use data from sister sites and Pocketmags to promote subscription boxes where relevant.
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