Are you only looking at discovery boxes for uOpen?
No, uOpen will be selling a wide range of subscription box experiences from discovery to replenish and consumable products. If you offer a physical product on a recurring subscription then we would like to hear from you.
Is there a view to allowing boxes that operate on a weekly billing cycle?
Yes, additional frequency cycles such as weekly & bi-monthly is on the roadmap for a future release. To begin with merchants can create monthly, 3, 6 & 12 month terms for customers to choose from.
I don’t offer a monthly subscription, can I offer just my 3, 6 & 12 month terms?
You have full control over which terms you offer, however, we strongly recommend you keep monthly subscriptions enabled as this has the highest conversion rate.
Who ships out the boxes?
You as the merchant will continue to fulfill your own deliveries to customers through your current shipping process and couriers. uOpen is simply acquiring additional orders for you.
Will you allow anyone to join the marketplace and start a box? Could this saturate the marketplace with inferior offerings?
Selecting companies that offer excellent customer experience and service is key to the success of uOpen. All merchants will undergo an approval process and will only be accepted on clear evidence of a high-quality and consistent experience being delivered. It wouldn't be in our interests to flood the marketplace with inferior products and merchants that are unable to fulfil their obligations.
Would there be a real-time opportunity to turn off sales coming through the marketplace if we reach our maximum numbers?
Yes, uOpen has a “Sold Out” feature for merchants. This will be shown on your product page but will still provide the customer with the opportunity to purchase your following month's box.
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