Customer communication

How will Customer Support work?
Our uOpen customer service team will handle first-line support by taking the initial enquiry and resolving any basic questions where possible e.g. payment issues or estimated shipping dates. This will allow us to quickly answer questions and also to help us improve our systems and processes. For more in-depth customer support e.g. an issue with a product or missing deliveries - we will bring you into the conversation via our support desk, allowing you to reply directly to the customer via email. This also keeps the conversation within the ticket for future reference.
How will I notify customers of shipped deliveries?
You will have the ability to mark your monthly orders as “Shipped” via the uOpen merchant portal. This will trigger an email to your customers from uOpen that offers the ability for you to add a custom note.
How will refunds work?
On the agreed issue of a customer refund for missing or damaged items, Jellyfish shall handle the processing of the refund and then deduct the appropriate value from the next revenue share payment.
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