What Millions Of Online Conversations Can Tell Us About Subscription Boxes...
Phillip Agnew of world-leading social intelligence platform, Brandwatch, illuminates the power of social media, both positive and negative, and how the average subscription box customer is interacting with retailers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Demonstrating the impressive growth in online conversations surrounding subscription boxes in recent years, Phillip also shares the part emojis are playing in this online chatter and what Brandwatch are deriving from it! You can watch Phillip’s full talk in the video or check out the full transcript below.
Phillip Agnew
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As Product Marketing Manager at social intelligence and listening platform, Brandwatch, Phillip has responsibility for the development of a number of their industry-leading social media products. In a world where there are over 50,000 Facebook likes and 6,000 tweets per second, Phillip & Brandwatch are here to share the insight they’ve gleaned from the ever-growing wealth of data harvested from social media platforms and the impact that it is having on the subscription box market.

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