Key Trends In The UK Subscription Box Industry
Becky Postlethwaite of competitive intelligence and consumer insight experts, Hitwise, shares the key trends that they are witnessing in one of the fastest growing verticals within the retail sector, the subscription box industry. In this talk, Hitwise chart this sustained success, help identify the typical subscription box customer and demonstrate the cross-sell opportunities through collaborative marketing. You can watch Becky’s full talk in the video or check out the full transcript below.
Becky Postlethwaite
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Becky heads up the retail division at leading global online competitive intelligence service, Hitwise, helping clients protect and grow their market share through the application of internet measurement data. Outpacing much of the retail sector, the subscription box industry continues to go from strength to strength and Becky & Hitwise are on hand to illuminate the trends and deliver greater insight into the industry.

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